Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Purchases! Everything under $20!


Happily bought these shoes in two colors!! 
They're comfy and cute. Paired with skirts, dresses, shorts or pants!


Also bought two of these little mini dresses.
Light weight and perfect for summer time!
{I cut the top off one of them to make a high waisted skirt!}


Funny story with these 'skinny/slimming' tights.
Went shopping for some leggings to pair with a short skirt or two,
and found that none of what I saw at Target suited my fancy...
Then while looking for a strapless bra, 
I spotted these tummy suckers on clearance.
$6.99 I think and size... 2XL!! note- normally I'd be a med.
My little hands grabbed them up & curious about how they'd fit, 
I ran to the dressing room to try them on for fun!
Wonderfully snug and almost pant like.
No tummy sucking or unbearably tight fabric holding in my every inch...
just plain old black leggings. 
Such a funny and random find!
I want to tell the world!
"Ladies, go try on things of all shapes and sizes!"
{Sometimes my sis and I buy maternity tank tops cause they're always longer!}

Hubby just finished studying for the night!
So I'm off to spend some "quality time" with him ;)
BAR testing begins in the a.m.

nighty night friends
Happy Wife


DT said...

Nice job! Love the hunt!

We will be praying for Shawn and the testing. Hoping to come up your way soon... we will let you know.

Blessings from one happy wife to another. :)

Claire said...

yey for happy shopping!! hope you enjoyed your quality time :)

Dee Paulino said...

Ahhh those wages are fab and I love the price!! I need a pair.