Sunday, July 3, 2011


I am drawn to all things summer! Blue skies, turquoise waters, warm nights and golden hues!
I am drawn to people that remind me of summer. Blondes, freckles, tan skin, refreshing and warm personalities, laughter and light hearted conversation. Spontaneity... The water. Oh how I love water!

This is the pool (one of them) at my apartment complex. A huge reason as to why we moved here.
I love it! I've gone swimming as much as possible lately.
Went yesterday morning, and will probably go again today.

I come alive in the summer months! I feel far more happy in these days than any other, and every other season, I do my best to bring anything summer-like into my life. 

It's 1:30 and still I'm in my 'undies' and a t-shirt. The fan is spinning above my head, sunlight is pouring through my windows, the ice cream man's famous jingle is playing nearby and my heart is filled with a glorious happiness. I AM WARM! my body is warm {NO MORE GOOSEBUMPS!} my soul is warm, my thoughts are warm... for the most part.

I've struggled a little bit with Hubby's and my lack of togetherness. I miss us. For the entirety of our relationship, he's been in school with studying and classes. Everything we've done {for the most part} has revolved around what his schedule is. Know that I LOVE being his wife, his helper, and constant support. But I am human, and not Wonder Woman. I have emotions, get a little needy, and sometimes just wish that things were all about me. There, I said it! but not so much even that really... I just want to do things with him. Things that take a little more time and effort and planning. Like hiking, or going on a day trip, enjoying a little bit of theatre, maybe volunteering somewhere and meeting new people... 
For him, the finish line looks nice because he's ready to work, and done with 'education'.
For me, the finish line looks nice because I'm ready for my husband to be a little bit more mine. 
I'm trying to be patient... it's only really a few weeks away. The hardest part for me is that it's summer... my favorite time in the whole wide world, and I don't get to spend this portion of it with him. He's sitting in a coffee shop, working hard to soak up as much information as possible and I'm here at home wanting to go play. But it's just not the same without him... 
We started dating the summer before his senior year of undergrad {4 years ago on the 7th) and that summer was the best of them all. We had so much fun together! The world was our playground... and we were falling in-love. Or rather in-fatuation and in-like at that point :)

I can do this... I was ready to go on and on about how much I miss us, but all I can do is make the most of today and be excited about what we will soon get to share.
THIS IS WORTH IT! His hard work is for me. For us. For our future children. Even though I don't feel like it's a good thing, it is, and it will make many warm summers of fun and togetherness possible. 

Ah... I feel better now. Thanks for letting me get all that off of my chest here. I don't vent as often as I need to. {I'm always worried that I'll sound too weak or bothersome} 

Hubby just text me and said he'll be done with his studies a earlier than expected and asked if I'd want to do a bit of summer shopping together! {I cried a little when I read that... "thanks God"}.
This means I need to go get dressed ;) 

"This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it."

I pray that all of you lovelies are enjoying a happy family and friend filled 4th of July weekend!

Can't get enough of TheTemperTrap right now!
xoxo Happy Wife

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LaynahRose said...

I love that song! It's really hard for me to vent like this, so good job. It takes guts, no?

And beautiful pictures by the way.