Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm Pooped!

tv time!

Welcome 8:30! Welcome couch, welcome dinner, welcome cool breeze and bare feet and... well, welcome friend.

Today has been so fun, so busy and now I am so done.
Really though, today has been great!

Woke up and attempted a morning swim at 8 with my sis. Though it ended up being the exact same time that they wanted to clean the pool... 
"Come back in an hour ladies."
Change of plans. "Let's go berry Picking!" Ah yummy Hood strawberries!

After she and I returned to my home with our strawberries, fresh tomatoes and a massive head of lettuce, we went for our swim! "Oh wonderful water!" And you know what's special about swimming with my seester Ashley? She loves it as much as I do! We're like two little fish. When we were little we'd always pretend to be synchronized swimmers. Ha! We still do that sometimes. Just for kicks :)
 Isn't she so pretty! I love this picture of her!

Well, THEN! We thought it'd be fun to work out with Chalene and do a couple of her TurboFire classes {Fire30&Stretch10}
Which we did and accomplished all of the above by 12.
Phew! When that was done I got ready quick to head over and watch Ben, Will and Jack for the afternoon.
Left their place at 6. Drove through traffic on an empty tank {eek!} got gas, went grocery shopping, and am now home! Oh home sweet home!
At some point I need to get off my butt and hard boil some eggs. But for now I'm gonna sit back and veg. 

-And There you have it. My great, productive, busy and enjoyable Wednesday.

Anyone do the Paleo diet? I've been trying it out for the last couple days and am really enjoying it! It's something I've thought a TON about, and am excited to finally start adding and subtracted a few things from my diet. I want to put food into my body that was designed to go there. Note- I'm not being super strict about it, just making more of a life style change and if I occasionally want something "man-made" I'll eat it.  
Soon to come, a letter to you, from me, about where I'm at emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually concerning body image. 
Know that I'm happy. I haven't lost any weight since I last posted about dieting and 'image stuff'. But despite the fact that I'm the heaviest I've been in about 8-9 years, I feel like a million bucks! And that's what matters! 

Let's chat again soon!
Love you all!
AmberDawn a HappyWife


Unknown said...

you are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love your view on body image too... see you tomorrow :)

two birds said...

you have a great attitude! and that day sounds so busy, yet so fun!

Monica and Whitney said...

I love your sister's dress and love your blog!
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Laynah said...

The paleo diet?

haha and I like to pretend to be a synchronized swimmer too :) I have pictures of it on my last awkward and awesome!