Sunday, July 10, 2011

Moment by Moment

Hmmm... what to do?
while the Hubs is out studying...
Read? Netflix? Call a friend?
 Play around on photobooth...
And then my Love called and said he's be home from studying early.
We get to hang out tonight!

14 days till Hubby's birthday {which will be celebrated at a later time}
15 days till he takes the BAR.
17 days till the end of the BAR.
20 days till Hubby and I go to Texas! where I will shower him with love and vacation surprises!

This season is almost over! It's odd to think about the fact that our lives will soon be changing, in many different way. We will never be here again...
unless Hubby doesn't pass the BAR...
"please pray!"

Moment by moment, little by little we live our lives, breathing in and out and praising God whatever the season may be. 
We will fight our hardest when action is before us.
And we will rest when our work is through.
Loving always, and listening to each other's needs. 
Bending and shifting when our ways are not in sync with one another.
And laughing often! 
For moment by moment, little by little we draw nearer to the thrown. 

Hubby just got back.
Talk to you later lovelies.


Claire said...

aw i hope he passes!! of course he will :)

Some Korean Website Highjacker said...

awe boo, you have the most adorable sad face ever! so many exciting things to count down for, radness is eminent!!!! many blessings and sweet moments ahead. ♥

Jamie Walker said...

I love count downs. Especially for trips! Of course you can do a post and link it. I would love that!