Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oh the possibilities!

It is so very good to be home with my wonderful Husband!
Last night we lay in bed side by side, hand in hand, while lifting up our prayers to the Lord. 
Our love grows deeper each day...
My dear sweat Hubby has been testing for 30 minutes now. 
We woke up together this morning at 6:20. 
I made him his lunch while he showered, 
and packed it up while he got ready. 
6:45 we kissed and I told him to kick some BAR "butt" as he walked out the door.
He's gonna do great! I just know it!

Our first photo together. Taken on the way home 
from spending the day out on the water wake boarding!
So many more wonderful memories to come!

The wide world is before!
God is on our side!
Oh the possibilities!


Newlymeds said...

Good luck to your hubby!

Kara Chupp said...

Um...could you two be any cuter? :)

Jess Cole said...

Hope he did well! Fingers crossed for him!