Friday, July 29, 2011

Unique Beauty

Watching Harry Potter Deathly Hallows part 1 
{while finishing it up this morning we had this little convo}
"That would be really scary!! Don't you think babe?... Would you follow her?"
Hubby nods 'yes' with mouth full of cereal.
"You would?!"
"If I had a wand." he stated matter of fact.

I laughed SOOOO hard! Just the thought of him using a wand, or even thinking about using a wand cracks me up.

It's a big deal that he now watches things like Harry Potter with me.
When we first were dating and I asked him about the movies, he seemed so uninterested. Almost like he was better than the rest of us... Harry Potter was silly.

Then one evening, {we were married at this point}, while I was getting dinner ready, I flipped through the few channels we had on tv to see if there was anything worth watching. 
Harry Potter was on! While Hubby was busy with his homework, I enjoyed a little HP while preparing our meal.
After a few minutes he stepped out of his 'study' and looked at what was on the television. {I think he'd heard it from the other room and was curious}
Slowly he sat down on the couch and started watching with me. 
... When dinner was ready I turned the tv off and set the table. {note- I was being as tricky as possible! 'maybe if I turn it off he'll start to wonder what would happen next...' he said nothing!}

A few days later we went to rent a movie {before Netflix entered out lives obviously}, and you wanna know what he suggested?! Harry Potter! ha. We watched all of them within the following 2 weeks. And now here he is, talking about the bravery he'd posses were he to have a wand!

I love him!

Welp. Our bags are packed and tomorrow morning we board a plane to Austin.
I just got off the phone with my Dad and I'm super excited to spend time with him and my stepmom Cheryl. 24 hours from now, we'll be hanging out with them!!!

Alright, so in my aim to be honest and share little tifs Hubby and I have in life, I will post this:

A photo of me sans my Love...
I shared before that he's not too keen on picture taking, and when I asked if we could take one each day, just for fun, I knew that it was a big deal.
Apparently he's not ready to make that commitment and join me on that adventure...
We attempted a little silly shoot, but he was definitely NOT into it!
I said forget it.

We're working on finding the balance between us in life, in marriage. The letting go, in order to meet the other persons needs or wants, is not always easy. I understand that sometimes there are things that I need to let go of, and too there are times where there are things that he needs to let go of. 

Our hearts beat differently, this I've said before... But really, they do. 
Me in all my passion and him in all his logic.
The dance that happens when we come together is magic. But it's after much practice, and time while learning the proper steps, that we then experience the beauty of US. 
{there is beauty in the process and the mess ups. such unique beauty... and I guess the beauty of our differences coming together wouldn't be so amazing were we to not know the struggle and difficulty that it can be sometimes just to get to that point of connectivity.}

My Love knows that it would be fun for me to take more pictures with him. And he has said that he will work on being more light hearted about it and attempt at enjoying it for my sake.
Me, I will not put such a large expectation on his shoulders so quickly. Every day is WAY too much for him :)

-note: clearly I am not a fashion blogger, so there will never be daily photos of what I'm wearing. 
but I do take pictures of myself more often then not to add to each little post that I write. 
more because I want a memory of me to be connected to these stories not just in word form, but also in imagery. 
surprisingly enough, it's not because I want to show off my cute little face for you. lol

okay... time to leave blogland for now. 
pretend hugs and kisses to you all!
*peace out


echo said...

Im gonna miss yoU!!! Have SO MUCH FUN...

Jamie Walker said...

Men just do not love taking pictures! As hard as I try... it's like pulling teeth!

Claire said...

i hope you have a fabulous holiday :) maybe you can even get him in pictures!