Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekend away.

best decision of my life!
love being apart of this team

Last night I curled up on the floor next to my mothers bed and smelled the forever comforting scent of Grandma's quilt that covered me...

Honestly, I've been avoiding this blog of mine
To open it up and write, meant opening up my mind and emotions... which I was not prepared to do.

Tuesday and Wednesday will come and go before we know it. Test Days! Both days all day. 
My Love it doing such a wonderful job at being faithful to his work and diligent to study. I am proud of him and admire his obedience to the task at hand...

I am learning to love in a different way. Learning to tend to someones needs and take care of them by... doing nothing at all. By giving space and just keeping to myself. THIS IS NOT NORMAL FOR ME!
What I'd like to do {and what is natural concerning my make up} is to tend to ones heart. To comfort and encourage with action and words. lol. Hubby needs his space. His mind needs space. And though I share in words and little actions my support, for the most part, I let him focus on his studies...

His birthday is tomorrow...

Last minute I got the opportunity to come down to Southern Oregon with a friend and spend time with Mama and family for the next few days. I'll return home Monday.
It's good to be out of my Loves way right now. And too, it's good for me to go play and not worry about what I can do for him. He has all that he needs. Though Monday night and Tuesday night before both tests I will be home with him, ready to go to bed early, at his side and covering him with prayer rather than conversation. We are getting to know each other in such a new way. Falling in love in the trenches is different than anything I could imagine. 

A week from today we'll be boarding a plane to Austin TX!!! 10 days of relaxing, playing and much needed quality time are just around the corner! Praise the Lord!

Mom went to an appointment, so I'm sitting at Mellelo Coffee basking in the warm sun. Little spiders and bugs tickle my legs and I've probably flicked at least 10 off of me. Ah 3 more... kinda starting to creep me out. I just smeared one on my pretty blouse! Do you think it's cause I smell like flowers?

k, time to open up my Bible and do a bit of purposed prayer. 

Q: What are you learning about yourself lately?
I'm learning how important it is to be true to myself. I think that society plays such a silly role in most of our lives, tempting us with this and that, pulling us away from our true likes and passions. At least it has for me. So much of our time is spent conforming...
I'm so much happier listening to the music I like, wearing the clothes that make me feel pretty {wether 'trendy' or not} and doing the things that flood my heart with excitement. 
This is my pursuit. Chasing after the life I was called into... embracing my unique design.

Love you all and hope your weekend is wonderful!

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Lynn {hearted girl} said...

well first of all happy birthday wishes to your handsome one! sounds like you've got so much on your mind and in your heart lades, i wish you nothing but the best outcome on all counts. i love the part you wrote about "embracing my unique design", that's beautiful. many blessings and i'm glad you're with your family. it's definitely refreshing to the soul flower inside of us. be well. ♥