Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Grabbed some Starbucks for our drive to the airport. 
We had a good last day in Austin. Met up with -David Ramirez- {click on his name and get a free download of his Strangetown EP} for a tasty lunch at Torchy's Tacos. Then my Love and I went to catch our plane.
... Confession! Friends, I left my clutch with i.d. debit and credit card plus some cash and ticket to the second flight, on the seat of the first flight!!! So embarrassing! It wasn't until the Hubs and I reached the next terminal that I realized what I'd done! Never hauled so much booty is my life!! Luckily the plane we'd arrived in was still at the terminal with no nearing departure scheduled. My pretty little clutch was still on my seat 22C. And right as I returned to board the next flight, my name was being called over the airport speakers! Just in the nick of time!! Phew! Never done that before, and I've flown A LOT, and hope to never experience that again!

Hubby and I wrote this up on the flight:
Cool Family
Happy Lovebirds
New Accessories {earings, ring and chapeau}
New Friends 
Sunblock Applications {yay for no burns!!}
8 Waterpark rides
Rollercoaster rides
10 Perfect Days of Vacation

Today as I unpack my bags from Texas and do a bit of laundry, I will at the same time begin to pack up our home. We move on Saturday!
Wonderful bliss of a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment here we come!! 

It's good to be home. A fresh outlook on what's ahead fills my mind, and excitement runs through my veins. This week my Love is at work and I have before me a large to do list with much to tackle. I will listen to some cool tunes and sing my heart out whilst dancing around this space filling boxes with our possessions :)
I like moving. And I'm REALLY looking forward to painting and making our next place a cozy haven for the fast approaching fall!

Again, it's good to be home.
AmberDawn, a very HappyWife


Claire said...

Yey!! glad you are happy :):)

Angela said...

you are just so stinkin cute!

AJD ∞ said...

OH my. I am SO glad you got your clutch back. What the heck, you must have had a heart attack! I would have cried, but yay for hauling booty!