Friday, August 12, 2011

Just a few more things left to pack!

My Moving Buddies

I can't wait to settle into my new home! To have a little time, all to myself and write, read and drink a cup or two of coffee. 
As much as I love adventuring, I also love me some down time!
One of my dear friends is coming over tonight to hang out/help out. And while she spends time with me at our place, the Hubs will be at her place hanging out with her Hubby. 

Happy Friday Loves,
May you all have a wonderful weekend!
Pictures of this moving adventure to come soon!

1 comment:

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

oh geesh, the horrors of moving, one of the top stresses ever but you are on your way lades. i like the looks of your moving buddies, definitely gotcha back ; )

hope you had a swell time last night and the whole rest of this weekend allows for equal doses of sleep and down time. thank you SO much for the comments, you are way too kind and i really appreciate your positive vibes a bunch! ♥