Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The Lone Star State 

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My Strong and Studly Hubby

Proud and Confident

Wonderful Food

Full Tummies

Afternoon Naps and Resting

iphones are fun.
Hubby has one... and this is the first time I've gotten to play with/use it.
Though he's been the primary photographer, I have had my fare share of fun with it as well.
Soon, I will own one {probably when the 5 comes out}.
I prefer the white one to the black... and have found a few cases that tickle my fancy. {though they are both a little on the spendy side}. Here's my fav:

Today's been another good day.
Last night we all sat around the table and played a card game for a couple hours.
And tonight I'm making Thai food for everyone and maybe we'll watch a movie.
Tomorrow we might take a little jaunt over to the outlet malls... if you've noticed from all the pics, my hair is SOOO long! maybe I'll get it chopped off... maybe.

TTYL! xoxoxo
Happy Wife


Claire said...

ive never fancied an i phone...i dont like touch screens at all! i love my BB still :) the photo of you is cute! You seem to be having a lot of fun!

echo said...

Oh my Beautiful friend! Hope you are loving your time away with Shawn! It all looks wonderful... Praying for you today (re: your text) xoxoxo

wildchild said...

i am in love with texas! jealous you're there and having fun :) i found you through a comment on someone else's blog, though i have no idea who. ha. my favorite thing about your blog is your freckles. ha