Friday, August 26, 2011

Words to live by.

'Don'ts for Husbands, Don'ts for Wives'
by Blanche Ebbutt {1913}
Can't figure out how to flip this pic

To Wives
"Don't say bitter things when you are angry. They not only sting at the time, but they eat their way in and are remembered long after you have forgotten them."

"Don't be shy of showing your love. Don't expect your husband to take it for granted. A playful caress as you pass his chair, an unexpected touch on the shoulder, makes all the difference between merely knowing that you care for him and actually feeling it."

"Don't omit to fill your life with plenty of outside interests. If you sing, join a choral society; belong to a lecture or literary society; keep up on your French and your music; visit your friends, and invite them to visit you. Nothing induces dullness, and even illness, so easily as a lack of congenial occupation. You will come back to your husband with a bright face instead of a doleful one."

"Don't think anything too much trouble to do for your husbands comfort; remember he is occupied all day in working for you. Don't be afraid of thinking and planning and working for him."

what words of wifely wisdom do you live by?

I'm off to party it up with some girlfriends and celebrate the life of my dear friend Echo and her soon to arrive little one.
{Ugh! Every time I say Friday now I think of that wonderfully written song... you know the one!}
Peace Out Chickas and the few Dudes that are reading this...
Happy Weekend!


Lynn {hearted girl} said...

well these are some good points and definitely focus on the importance of being in a love minded way. i like it! and you are so darned cute in that pic, what a sweet smile you have! enjoy this new weekend, it's a loooong one so that's gotta make it great! ♥

Jamie@HandlingWithGrace said...

This is so true.