Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One Week from Today!!

David Ramirez
Al's Den @ McMinamins Crystal Hotel

Making lasagna and garlic bread tonight.
Hanging out with the Hubs, Andrew and my dear friend Dani.
Bought some orange juice today and boy is it GOOD! my tastebuds and tummy are both happy!
Fall weather is approaching... and honestly I've never been so excited to be cold!
This heat is sucking the life out of me... along with this little friend of mine!
So bring on the cool breezes, scarves and hot chocolate! I'm ready for ya :)

Happy Tuesday to you friends!


So Truly Lovely said...

Hello, lovely! So great to see you at church on Saturday (if ever so briefly!). Would so love to get together! Love keeping up on your blog and I pray your pregnancy is going keeps getting better and better! xoxo, Anna N

Jac said...

SUCH an incredible song! I lovelovelove it!
Hope you're well, darling!