Monday, September 12, 2011

Strange Dreams!

So I've been having pretty weird dreams lately! Like really weird!
Last nights dream was about the end of the world... Though I question wether or not it was really the end of the world. More like absolute sci-fi destruction and chaos. While I was dreaming I thought it was ending at least.
Note: vivid dreams are normal for me. Like I'm living it 100%. My emotions and mind are all involved and I wake up often times feeling super connected to whatever happened. And most of the time, my dreams are the coolest!

Gravity was next to non-existant. The temperature was cold and uncomfortable. I was with a group of people and we were doing our best to stay alive in the midst of total panic and fear. Buildings were collapsing around us, strange winds would blow and suck any form of life right off the planet. I found a walkie-talkie and tried to radio for help. A woman with an australian accent picked up on the other end, but had no clue about what was going on... she seemed confused when I told here we were all about to die. The connection died as a meteor hit the ground just a few feet away from me. Where were my shoes? Someone handed me a pair of size 9s that they'd found... two sizes too big. I'd have to manage. This would be better than none. It began to snow as I put them on. Thinking about it now, it was almost more like ashes falling... People were crying/screaming as odd force fields would sweep in and bend the walls of buildings, creating the eeriest of sounds and crushing those beneath/within them. No place was safe...

This dream seemed to last the majority of the night! I'd wake up, and think, "WOW! That was crazy intense!" Then after going back to sleep it would continue again.
lol Part of me still wonders about that Australian woman and what she thought of me yelling at her, doing my best to inform her of our desperate need for help. But then again, it was only a dream... 
Wonder what the next one's gonna be?!

I've got a list of things to do that I plan on tackling in the next couple hours... 
doing my best to figure out what my stomach can handle these days and will head off to buy a few more groceries.
Pick up "What to Expect while Expecting".
Need to e-mail a few people... Wouldn't normally consider myself a procrastinator, but I should have sent these e-mails a week ago.
Can't forget gym time!
And later I'm hanging out with my friend Meredith. {known this girl her whole life- I think she and her brother were my first kids to babysit!}

No big plans for tonight. Just chillin' with my man sounds perfect! 
note: Hubby, Andrew{bro} and I are all looking forward to Wednesday evening!!! Wanna know why?! Yes? Because SURVIVOR STARTS!!!!! Ah! I can't wait :) 

alrighty friends, time for me to get busy!
love you all! 
Happy Wife


Unknown said...

I can recommend some MUCH better books that will not scare you away from being pregnant....say, a more natural approach! ;)

AmberDawn said...

Do share! ;) Love your wisdom! and you!