Friday, September 9, 2011

Tired, nauseous, and really excited!

This is me, PREGNANT!
I'm a little out of it :)
SO MUCH on my mind!
this little teeny tiny plus one...

Hubby and I are super excited for the new adventure ahead!!! 
My body is totally outa wack! But I'm getting used to it... kinda.
He totally called I was prego well before I would... 
my 'girls' have grown rather large and with that and being exhausted on a regular basis, along with apparently having a new "glow" about me, he was certain, I was pregnant.  
And he was right. 

Funny, amazing, surprising, It's interesting how life can change so quickly and it causes me to be reminded of the wonderful power that God alone possesses. 
We praise Him for this blessing!
There are a thousand things spinning around in my brain! 
Baby room, clothes, responsibilities, Before getting pregnant I thought I thought a lot, and now I do even more... or maybe less. My world's been rocked, and it's a little overwhelming, in a VERY good way! Come to think of it {thinking that is}, I'm not sure if there really is a ton on my mind, or not very much at all... LOL! I feel so funny.
Our families have been nothing but supportive and our friends super encouraging. Love surrounds us, and love will surround our child!
Honestly all I can think about is not wanting to think about anything. 
I've tried to blog about this before, but my brain's all mush! 
Psst... wanna know a secret? Morning sickness doesn't just happen in the morning! Seriously! No joke!
A couple hours ago, I barfed strawberry flavored yogurt! Not, repeat NOT, fun!
Two days ago, the only thing that sounded good, was sour dough bread. I had 6 pieces of it! {toasted with butter}.
Went to the gym yesterday! My body was happy with that. And I will treat it well by going daily. {I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!}
Certain smells throw me off!!! Which is another way of saying, make me sick! {I've only actually thrown up twice though} Blah! 
Mind you, before all of this wonderfulness... I never, hardly ever, got sick. My body was well, and I was always SO VERY grateful for that. So this new body adventure is very foreign to me! LOVE LOVE LOVE! that I get to be on this adventure!!!
The 23rd is when we find out about the Hubs test scores. I always just tell him that on the 23rd we'll find out that he passed the BAR. 
From there, that will determine a lot for us. Currently, I am without job. Once we know what Hubby will be up to, then we will know what I need to do. {work full time or work part time, maybe not much at all?} 
Both of us, as much as we have expensive tastes, want to live somewhat simply. Not living beyond what we have, and making the most out of what we do possess. This two bedroom apartment is perfect for us right now and we are happy to live without the burden of MASSIVE wants or IMMENSE debt. {okay okay, we do have law school to pay off!- but aside from that we like to pay for as much as possible, with the $ in out pockets}
Not sure where this convo is going... lol. Why talk about money when there's a new bun in the oven?!
We await the news of BAR results with peace. Again, God is in control!

With a lot more time on my plate, I'm hoping to write daily. There are too many things that I have to tell about this whole journey! I doubt that I'll be away for long...

More details to come!
a very Happy Wife.

ps. please excuse the random writings.
I am beyond thrilled to be carrying our itty bitty baby.


Unknown said...

YEAH for baby Kollie! I am so excited :) why is it though that you get pregnant right when I am just about done? fair not! Oh well... Maybe it means I am meant to be there when baby K is born :)!! who knows! Love you MUCH my friend and miss you more!

Claire said...

congratulations!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEK!!! xx

Jess Cole said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You'll be great parents!!