Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Good morning, 
Oh, I do hope yours is good... 
These are some of my favorite moments. Where the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the breeze both hit your skin at once. When the sky is glowing a beautiful golden hue and the leaves are doing a little dance with the wind. 
My porch is a happy place right now.

"We wake, if ever we wake at all, to mystery."
Annie Dillard

Current plans for the day are as follows... {it's 9:45 right now }
-Spend a little more time in the Word.
-Curl my hair.
-Put up a couple shelves in the living room.
-Go to Michele's around 1.
-Meet up with Nora when she gets out of school @ 3:40.
-Quick stop at the grocery store to pick up some much needed fruits and veggies.
-Prepare the home for Hubbies return this evening... he's meeting a friend for dinner tonight.
*prepare= take out trash if I haven't already, make sure little things are picked up around the house, hmmm, maybe I should make smoothies tonight! sounds good to me... Kinda want one now though ... 
-My love has not been feeling well lately. Slowly getting over being sick, and having a cavity {which was taken care of, thank you dentist}. And we all know that a part of being sick, is being tired
I need to up my wife game! Extra love, extra touch, extra time, extra kindness and patients.

Wanna see a pretty pretty photo I saw on Pinterest this morning?! Okay. 


It’s the way Your stars shine

Sometimes so bright that I swear I could hear
It’s the way Your moonlight
Falls on this mountain lake so clear and
It’s the way Your sunshine
Paints Your evening sky and 
It’s the way Your rain falls
To sing me to sleep at night and
I fall, I fall into You
-David Crowder

peace out friends
YOU are loved!
Happy Wife

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Giuli said...

oh, so sweet poeme!
Thank you for sharing (the photo is so cute!!)