Saturday, October 15, 2011

All You Need Is Love

This was such a Happy & Wonderful day!
Nothing went wrong, all was well and the air was filled with the love of many wonderful friendships.
In the midst of so much joy, Hubby and I were married!
We've been married now for a year and a ten months.
Somehow it feels like much longer than that...
It has been a whirlwind of many adventures. Moving 4-5 times, Hubby's crazy commute to school {sometimes I forget about that! no Hubby for two whole nights a week... no wonder it's not a memory I think about often}, THE BAR, the trials and triumphs of work, vacation, getting pregnant, becoming a lawyer and a stay at home wife... I can only imagine how many more adventures are before us!

At this very moment, my Love is out hunting with his dad, while I'm at home curled up on our couch looking through old pictures of the two of us from the past 5 years.
-I have loved being the wife of this wonderfully strong man-
He's the perfect amount of
all wrapped up into 
One... Shawn.

Being a part of this marriage has meant copious amounts of laughter, many life changing conversations and an ounce or two of new frustrations {let's be honest here}.
We our strong when the other is week,
and we practice humility on a daily basis.

"Thank You Lord for showing me Your amazing love through the form of marriage. Please teach me how to treat this relationship with the upmost respect and guide me in Your perfect ways. I want the world to know You through this love of ours. But I recognize that my failings get in the way. Show me how you would fill these shoes of mine. My heart is to walk, talk and think like You. You're love is extravagant and it I pray that it would fill me to overflowing."

It's time for me to get off this couch and do some laundry.
Pregnancy post to come... hopefully soon.

Happy Wife

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Christina Marie said...

This is so, so sweet... and you were such a gorgeous bride!