Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's Friday, Friday.

Sleeping Beauty had the opposite problem...

Dani and I watched Australia last night. Well at least I watched the first half of it.
When 11:30 rolled around it was obvious that I wouldn't make it through the whole movie. I could barely hold my head up. "Goodnight Dani".
Painfully tired I crawled into bed. 
But despite the fact that I was beyond tired, sleep was somehow impossible! It was horrible, like torture!
First thoughts laying there were... 
"Why is it so difficult to get comfortable?!" 
"It's Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday"...
WHY?! Why?! would I be singing that song in my head? Oh maybe because it was Friday? Stupid!
Rolled over and the clock was blaring an awful 1:46.
Then it was 3:27.
Then 4:12. I'm sure I must have slept in between, but it was restless, and "Friday" still plagued my thoughts.
Hubby woke up and left at 5:30 to go hunting with his dad again this morning... I was awake while he got ready in the dark but didn't say anything. The determination to fall asleep kept my eyes and mouth shut! "Bye, Love you", was all that escaped... 
Still no luck.
Wah!!! I wanted to cry!!
Instead of crying though, I took a bath. Lit two candles {was not about to turn any lights on! heaven forbid I'd stay awake!} and lay in the water praying that once snuggling back into my sheets all would be well in the land of nod.
Went back to bed.
... But not to sleep. "Friday" is my enemy!
"Okay, I'll watch something... Parenthood. That should take my mind off of the song and might even put me to sleep."
Watched 10 minutes, and though it removed a painful tune from my mind, it did not how ever aid me in sleeping.
LOL! thinking back on it, I remembered that in the end, around 7, I imagined a rectangular shape {don't ask me why} and within that shape was a deep dark grey... Setting my mind and focus, within the blank slate that it was, I fell asleep, till... 11!!
Crazy night, I never want to go back to you!

For those of you who've never heard of this Friday song, here you go. This is my gift to you today. 

You're welcome! :)
A Happy & Sleepy Wife.

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echo said...

shhhhhh Alomae may hear you and start singing!!

I did not sleep either! Poppy must have had the song stuck in her head too!