Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31st - Halloween

Happy Halloween!

I've never really been much of one to 'celebrate' Halloween... Sure, I'll dress up and go to a party when invited, but other than that, my home is not decorated for the occasion, and we really haven't given much thought to the day/evening. 
Tonight though, I'm having a few friends over. Dani, my bff, and two of my junior high girls.
We'll decorate 'cake pops' all orange and pumpkin like and pass out candy to any ghost or princess that might come trick or treating at our door. It's fun seeing all the cool costumes kids wear and I'm totally looking forward to dressing up this baby of mine next year!!
Should be fun!

So, you know how a few days ago I couldn't sleep... Well last night, I woke up once EVERY hour to pee!!! NO JOKE. Silly bladder, just couldn't hold it. 
This child is taking over my body. And as cool as it is, it's also a little inconvenient :) Guess I better get used to that! I pray that my love for this little one would be filled with much patients and humility. Starting now!

Hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!

ps Thanks for your prayers. Hubby is well and went back to work today. {Was off from Wednesday - Sunday}
2 years ago he broke his legs snowboarding, had a titanium rod placed in his leg to mend it, and just now had the rod removed. 
note- he wanted to keep the rod {gross} but couldn't because it had too much 'stuff' growing all in and around it... Yuck!! though he did get to keep the screws. Why do boys like stuff like that? I don't know? And what does he plan on doing with the screws? Beets me!
lol... Gotta love him! 

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Carrie said...

haha when I was pregnant I stayed in the bathroom it was crazy

Happy Halloween