Friday, October 21, 2011

Self Image. Healthy is the New Skinny.

This issue has weighed on my heart for a long time... The issue of being thin or at least the feeling of needing to be thin. 
When I was 16-17, I started to hate my body. Thought that I needed to be thinner/skinnier in order for boys to really like me. Or thought that I'd be 'cooler' if I were 20 pounds lighter. 
I'm a curvy girl, petite, but curvy... so any extra pounds on by body have always felt like a big deal. 

After I grew up a little more, and wrestled for a very short period with an eating disorder, I realized that I didn't want to live life constantly waring with my body. I was ready to shout back and argue with the world who, it seemed, was screaming at me that I needed to be someone else in order to 'have a happy life'. 

When I stumbled upon Healthy is the New Skinny, my heart was immediately overjoyed! Finally, people are standing up to this.
Note, I want to my healthy, to take care of my body and respect what God has blessed me with. To make the most of this vessel that my soul dwells within and use it to run the best stinking race possible! LOL, it's foolish to fall to the other end of the skinny spectrum and think that "Fine, You know what, I'm gonna eat whatever the heck I want! Screw being skinny, I like food, and I like being large, so people better just deal with it!"
We all need to make the most of what we've been given, but not abuse it.

I saw this on facebook about a week ago and thought I'd share...
There was a whole story that went with it, but in my opinion all that matters is this photo.
Gosh she is beautiful, 
isn't she?!

Wouldn't it be crazy if we saw images like this more often in magazines? {alright, maybe not so many in the nude! but you get my drift!}
If I have a daughter, I pray that she recognizes true beauty and never has to question what defines it. We define it. Each of us in our own way! She will define it, in her own way!
My prayer is that no matter where I am at in life, I can recognize that I, Amber Dawn, am beautiful. Cellulite and all. Baby belly and all. Wrinkles and all. 
Okay, I'm off the freshen up before dinner with the Hubs and a friend... It's right now, in moments like this, where I put it all to the test!! What to wear?! Does this make me look fat? Lol... I'm not gonna fall to it!
Wish me luck!



Unknown said...

love love love you! you are beyond beautiful!

Claire said...

she is beautiful, love this post x

Kimia Kline said...

WOW. what a stunning photograph!! she is absolutely gorgeous. and i think this relates so strongly to the documentary miss representation i posted about last week. thank you for your sweet comments by the way :)

Callie Glorioso-Mays said...

Thanks so, so for sharing this! I appreciated it and was able to pass it along.

Callie @ A Chance To Die