Monday, October 24, 2011

Wonderful Fall Day!

Beautiful Morning Weather plus Beautifully Composed Music plus Beautiful Uplifting Thoughts equals a Happy Smiling Wife.

Seriously, it's been so pretty outside. 

excerpt from my morning reading
"It is by the body that we come into contact with Nature, 
with our fellowman, 
with all their revelations to us. 
It is through the body that we receive all the lessons of passion, 
of suffering, 
of love, 
of beauty, 
of science. 
It is through the body that we are both trained outward from ourselves, 
and driven inward into our deepest selves to find God. 
There is glory and might in this vital evanescence, 
this slow glacier like flow of clothing and revealing matter, 
this ever uptossed rainbow of tangible humanity. 
It is no less of God's making 
than the spirit that is clothed therein."
George MacDonald

Tonight I'm making chili and cornbread... it's only noon, but I'm already excited for our home to be filled with the yummy scents to come!

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Angela said...

Love these words from George MacDonald. I had to read it over several times :)