Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bath Time

Most evenings I unwind with a bath.
It's quiet in my tub, and all the little/big thoughts that have been locked up in this mind of mine, are let loose to run as far as this alone time allows. 
Wondering about our little one, hanging out in my womb... "I pray they love the water like I do." Planning out what tomorrow will look like... "Fold the laundry at the end of the bed! Really, it's been clean for a few days now, just hang it up or put it away! The laundry basket was designed for dirty clothes." Meal planning... "Crock pot, we shall have many dates to come." Questioning why I like sweet smells, but don't really have much of a sweet tooth at all. "Buttercream cupcake bubble bath, Frosting scented candles, Vanilla body spray... ?"
Ah bath time, you are good to me.

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