Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Favorite hat these days... not the cutest, but gosh it's warm. 
Favorite sitting spot... right between the couch and my coffee table/wooden trunk.

Spent my day yesterday doing a little painting,
meal planning, then grocery shopping, 
hanging out with Seester,
watching a bit of tv with the Hubs and
soaking in my tub.
Starting to do some registering for out baby E.
We'll find out either girl or boy on the 10th!

Get to hang out with this little lady tonight!!
Alomae is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world!
Always guaranteed a good time with her at your side.

Thinking about getting one of these for me and my Baby...
lol!! Totally joking!
Folks make the strangest things these days...
note- I will not be purchasing this.
I think a regular towel will work just fine.
{does a mother really need to wear this massive thing around her neck for her baby to get properly dry?}

Alrighty, I need to eat something... 
Peace out!
Happy Tuesday! 


Anonymous said...

yay for the 10th! I cant wait to know what your having! Then we can shop for newborn trendy clothing. I like your hat by the way, i have one just like it and i thik its cute, so there.

Danya said...

You look so happy! What are you painting??

Unknown said...

You've got some amazing hair and I love that hat!!!

Unknown said...

oh alomae! sorry you didn't get to hang out with her! soon :) sounds like you needed the night home with Shawn! funny how things just work out huh?