Wednesday, November 9, 2011

House Wife knows how to Cook!

Feels good takin' care of my man and fulfilling my role as his loving wife. Man's gotta eat you know! And when he's fed well, he's well behaved ;)

Wanna know what awesome and pregnant, clumsy me did tonight?
I spilled a whole little carton of grape tomatoes all over the grocery store floor! So embarrassing, trying to pick them up all lady like, having them roll away from me and people trying to push their carts past me like the wonderfully kind humans that they are! 
Come on people! Girl could use some love!

Realized, in making yummy home made mashed potatoes for dinner that I didn't have ANY milk! not even half and half!
Used soy milk + a little sour cream and it's just as good!
Praise the Lord!

Okay, I need to eat before this child begins to suck the life out of me... which it's already kinda doing! Time to fuel up!

Survivor tonight!!!!
can't wait to find out what they're gonna do to Cochran!

ps LOVE LOVE LOVE my dear friend Echo.
She's a wonderful joy and blessing in my life!
I heart her.



echo said...

oh oh oh I LOVE YOU TOO!

Mmmmm thursday night youth group sounds yummy! :)

Happy Wife said...

lol!!! We'll be at YouthGroup :) I should have specified... xoxo