Friday, November 18, 2011

Let the Festivities Begin!

Looking at the clock and wishing that I could go back to bed...

The Hubs woke at 6 this morning, and was out the door by 6:30.
On Fridays he goes to a mens Bible study and leaves me a couple hours earlier than normal.
Most days I fall back to sleep for a bit when he wakes up, but not today...
Tossed and turned for about an hour and then thought, "Forget it".

Gingerbread candles lit, coffee at my side and Amos Lee's voice through the apple tv.

Apparently it's snowing on the surrounding hills of Portland. {at least that's what my friends on facebook tell me}
Outside these windows of mine, up in the sky and above the naked trees are a thin layer of grey clouds.
The sun is bright enough though to shine through, despite the barrier, and it warms my heart to know that no matter what the weather, he {the sun} is always out there, waiting to bring it's beautiful rays our way.

This weekend begins the holiday festivities for the Hubs and I.
Happy Friday by the way!!!
I have finally convinced my Love to go to the Northwest Filmmakers Festival with me!
Tomorrow we will view 3 shorts {from local directors} at a theatre down town...
Years ago, you'd find me at these theaters often. The International Film Festival was a favorite!
This year/the one approaching it's happening February 9th-25th!
Trust me, I'm not passing this one up! {who wants to join me?! -Echo?}
Anyway... afterwards we have a party to go to with a group of friends, and from here on out, it looks like we'll be at parties on a weekly basis. Our calendars fill up quickly this time of year!
And I love it!
Last night I lay in bed dreaming up all of the ways that I want to start decorating our home for Christmas. {Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year, but I'm not big on decorating for it}
Started preparing for December 25th by purchasing some new wrapping paper at Target! I should probably buy some gifts!
note- I've enjoyed wrapping presents ever since I was a little girl... Folding the corners perfectly, wrapping the ribbon just so around the sides and tying it into a pretty little bow on top. There's something so rewarding about seeing your works of art beneath the tree. 
lol, being the tidy one in wrapping, I was also the tidy unwrapping one as well... there was no ripping the presents open from me! First, I would untie the bow as best as possible, lift the tape without tearing the paper, and then unfold it, taking my time not to crinkle any bit of this artwork someone had put so much effort into! ah ha!!... I have gotten better over the years...

So it's Friday, and as of now we don't have super big plans for the evening...
Early dinner date with my friend Alicia {she is due a day or two before me!}
and maybe then, we'll have an impromptu game night.
Hmm... I'm gonna text the Hubs and see what he thinks. -done

Computer battery is dying... time to shut it, plug it in and find something else to do.
Hope you enjoy this beautiful song!!


So Truly Lovely said...

So glad you are gearing up for the Holy days! Such a lovely time of year-I just need your desire for perfectly creased corners now on the presents :)
I hope you are still feeling great and loving being prego-it is amazing and crazy how you can keep growing and then all of the sudden it comes out!
xoxo, Anna

echo said...

I would love to go to the film fest- but thinking this year Poppy wont allow :( I would be a better crafting friend for sure :) so lets make stuff K!