Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tears and Laughter

I cried tonight...
Because my butt is getting bigger, along with my boobs and belly!
Because I didn't make Hubby dinner before he got home from work.
{He's so sweet and doesn't even care! - but I did, I felt like the worst wife ever!!}
I cried because as happy as I am to have this wee little one growing within my womb, it is the end of a fabulous season that my Love and I have been in... 
Every year gets better and better! Welcoming in the new, always means a bit of letting go.
Even though it seemed silly, and totally out of character, I sobbed.
On my own at first, but quickly stopped myself... Crying by myself was so lonely.
So I waited for my perfect Husband to come home and hold me before I let the tears fall freely.
He held me, rubbed my back, and encouraged me in all the ways that he knows how.
"Thank You Lord for letting me be married to this man. He takes care of me in all the right ways!"

As I dried my tears, Shawn made us some dinner. 
Then we sat and ate together in our living room while we watched House from last night, 
and I found this:
Poor little chickie... Do you think Jimmy was his brother? I imagine a teeny high pitched voice pleading with the fried egg... I guess this could be sad, but I got a good laugh out of it.

Already posted once today, but am really trying to use this blog as a type of journal, and if I were actually journalling, I wouldn't care how many times I wrote a day. Writing is my release.
Thanks again for your sweet comments each day lovely friends.
Know that I am always grateful, and I will do my bestest to respond, either here, but more often then not, on your blogs.

Off to snuggle with the Hubs and catch some zzzz's.
Happy Wife
{no matter what, even when I am sad for a while, there is a deep rooted happiness that can never be shaken!}

both images 


Amber said...

Awww, I hope you feel better. Change is hard, even if it's a good and welcomed change. It's hard to say goodbye to things.

Jamie said...

I think it is perfectly acceptable to fall apart every once in a while. Hope today is a bit more cheery!

jenny said...

I've had too many days like that. I think sometimes you just have to cry to let it all out. And according to my best friend who is preg, crying is like a new way of life :) You're lucky to have such a sweet husband! It makes everything ok right?

echo said...

that "jimmy, answer me!! please!" is just too sad :)

Anonymous said...

Awe, i almost cried..reading
I'm right there with ya, the changing body, no more "go-to" outfits, the tired body thats forgets to buy grocieries, to tired to make dinner.
Sometimes you just need a good cry...most of mine have happened over silly things like the curtains, or a commercial (but we all know its more then that) Just think soon we will have a little mini me that bundles up so much joy! and thank goodness ofr husbands who take care of us.

Amy @ dwell in the season said...

Those are totally understandable things to cry about! I cried when I found out the "us" was going to be over too! But it sounds like you've got a pretty amazing husband!