Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful For

Let us give thanks...
I am praising God today for...
*My Mama!! She is such an incredible woman. Filled with beauty, dignity and wisdom.
*My Dad! He always knows exactly how to encourage me and build me up. 
*My Seester and Brother! They are the definition of cool. Goofy and awkward at times. Both are terribly kind and have such generous hearts.
*My Hubby!! He is my rock and my bestest friend. He will always have my heart... He is sunshine to my every day. 
*My Dani! and My Echo! and My Michele! and My Loni! Though they are not my sisters... I still see them as such. I couldn't ask for more amazing women to live life with! 
*My Junior High girls! Watching them grow up and become more beautiful with time is such a blessing! I heart them!
*My inherited family! The Hubs is surrounded by and grew up with so many wonderful people! Now they are in my life!!

I would love to go on and on about all that I am thankful for... at this point the clock has been ticking much faster then normal I swear, so I need to get off my booty and ready for the exciting day ahead!!!! 
Last but not least, 
I am thankful for YOU!
your words always warm my heart and it's fun sharing this blog world with you!
Happy Wife

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puku said...

u hav a happy life and wonderful family

help me , and follow my blog