Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week 16-Month 4

Image of a baby at 16 weeks...
Such an amazing thing!

I got to hear my little adventurers heartbeat again today.
Totally breathtaking and seriously the coolest sound ever!
Tiny swimmer was back and forth in it's home and it's crazy to know that there's someone in 'there'... my womb has a guest!
A very important visitor indeed!

I feel a strong bond forming within the deepest parts of my being for this child inside of me. 
Already we are growing together. 
And the magic of it all is overwhelming!


Unknown said...

looking at that pic while holding poppy is surreal!

Claire said...


susanne @ tall pine nest said...

I just started feeling my baby move this week... I'm due in late march/early april so we aren't too far apart! Congratulations. :)