Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Welcome Winter.

Good morning coffee, and creamer,
Pretty music and comfy clothes.
Hello to the creeping fog outside my windows...
And goodbye to the leaves that fall from the treas. Your beauty will be missed.

Thoughts of baby E happen more often now as my body is a daily reminder of his or her presence.
"I can't wait to spend the days with you. Adventuring and exploring. Discovering the many wonders of this world. I promise to love you with all that I have to give."

The holidays are quickly approaching! Thanksgiving, Christmas, NewYear! Family and Friends and Parties!! Love this time of year... 

I can't remember where I found this photo! want these plates!
found it! West Elm -WE

Add some gold and silver with the flicker of fire shining through!
Let's do some pretend West Elm shopping shall we...

Can I have one of these in every color? 
That'd be $276... hmm... Maybe not.

How cozy do these pillows look?!

And while we're shopping, I'll buy this little black dress.
EM of course -EM

And wear it with these shoes!
from -Anthro

Let's put one of these cool ties on Hubby!
via Etsy

For my little man...

or little lady...
both from -Gap

This year we're spending Christmas down in Southern Oregon with family.
Andrew, Ashley & Sean and me & my Shawn are all heading down, hopefully for a good couple days. {Andrew's still not sure about work}
The 5 of us and Mom will do a little gift exchange on Christmas morning. Open stockings, eat some yummy breakfast and share the joy and blessing of each others presence, and the thankfulness in our hearts over knowing the love of Jesus Christ. His birth, life and death is what fuels our existence. 
I can't wait! I'm sure we're bound to find some snow and play in it as well! 

Ella and Bing! Enjoy!
Happy Wife


Unknown said...

i need those plates too! maybe santa will bring them

sarah // SELVA floral design said...

oh i love those plates! super cute! nice find!

Lindsay Rondo said...

i LOVE all these choices. they make me feel very christmas-y.


jenny said...

Love your west elm finds! So pretty.