Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All over the place!

Spending the morning traveling and exploring the wonderfully vast world of the internet, and thought I'd share a few of my finds.
Would LOVE to own this scarf! 
Can't find where it's from though...
discovered it's beauty via

Steve Carell is a favorite!
image via

Love the t-shirts at Arquebus Clothing.

Thought this was pretty clever. 

Love paper and notebooks! 
These are perfect to throw in your purse and won't add so much bulk for those of us who like to read and write and carry whole libraries with us upon our shoulders.

Thinking about purchasing these pretty words of truth.

This came from my personal file.
My 'little' brother Andrew, on his 3rd Birthday {he is now 24}.
I absolutely love him!

Have found this to be so very true in my life.
from here

Listen to ME! I'm such a pretty song!
by Gregory Alan Isakov

Thinking about making ornaments like this one for next year!

Last but not least, this is another oldie but goodie!
Me and the Hubs shortly after getting engaged. 
Every year with him just gets better and better!!
"Love you Babe!"

Enough of all this randomness!
We've got a work Christmas party to go to tonight, so I'm painting my nails and puttin on my pearls!
Gotta fit in with the other Lawyers wives ;)
I'm kidding. There's no need to fancy up too much, though a little is always fun!
Peace out friends.


Fly Me to the Moon said...

aw steve carell too! Have fun at the party!

jenny said...

I love this post! That scarf up top is gorgeous!

Jessica Wray said...

love all these random things. Steve Carell always makes me laugh.

stephanie said...

that scarf is amazing!

Happy Wife said...

Steve Carell always cracks me up! And that scarf!! If anyone can find it for me I'll love you FOREVER!