Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Here We Go!

Right after we found out that we are having twins!!
Yes, it's blurry, because we could hardly stand still!

You've probably been sitting on the edge of your seat wondering about me! Right?
Did they really just find out?
Do twins run in the family?
Are you scared? Nervous? Overwhelmed?

How about I fill you in on all of the exciting details...

1. Yes!! Twin boys it is!
I absolutely LOVE boys, and I get to have two at once!

2. We did just find out on Saturday morning around 8:35am, at my 20 week {and first} ultrasound.
We had the most amazing technician EVER helping us. Her name was Nicole, and both Shawn and I were so glad to share the experience with her.
"If this is your first ultrasound, then I get to be the first to tell you... 'You're having twins!'"
There was no denying or questioning it! We got to watch our little men hang out with each other for an hour while Nicole did her job. My eyes filled with tears as I lay there feeling my heart overflow with love! They are perfect!

3. There are twins in both our families.
Though this knowledge is new to us!

4. I am not scared, nervous or overwhelmed! Instead I am thrilled, ecstatic, wonderfully amazed and overjoyed!
It's perfect! Yes, the first year will have its challenges but I couldn't be surrounded by more support. Really, friends and family are abundant! Love is abundant!

Yesterday as I drove over to my dear friend Echo's place,
I laughed, cried and sat in wonder at this incredible thing God is doing in my life.
And when I say that I laughed, it wasn't just a little chuckle, I full on laughed till it hurt. After a minute of laughing, it would turn to tears and sobs of joy, and then I'd quiet my spirit and whisper to the Lord.
"You're the best!"
And I'd laugh again...

Truly, from the bottom of my heart, it's perfect!
Would you believe me if I said, that I have spent at least 5 years nannying and taking care of twin boys.
My sister and I, along with close friends, would joke that this would prepare me for someday having twins of my own... but really, we were kidding! It's not like I, Amber, would have twins... No way!
I am laughing! Because it's happened! 

I can feel them both moving. Emerson and Hunter, my sweet little blessings, remind me of God throughout the days... He is with us.

Thank you friends for all of your comments! Your words of joy and excitement meant a lot to me.
I know, I know... I need to add some prego picks, but this computer doesn't take the greatest, and the Hubs doesn't get home till dinner, and by the time we eat, chat a bit and watch something on tv, I've completely forgotten about taking pictures of this quickly growing belly.

took this one last night while making dinner and wasn't even thinking about a side view!
{let's just say my brain's been kinda funny, a) because I'm pregnant, and b) because I am still baffled over the fact that we're having twins!}

I promise to give you a good 'side shot' soon :)
Echo, maybe you could help me with this?

K lovelies, I'm off to empty the dishwasher and start working on dinner.
Happy Wife
{gosh, my happiness has grown exponentially within the last few days!!}


Kelly said...

Oh my goodness! Congrats! God is so good! So crazy that you were a nanny for twin boys-I was a nanny too(boys only all the time!) I always joked the same too. God has such a sense of humor with preparing us for what He has for us! lol. May the Lord keep blessin' you and the hubby:D

Deanne Lawrence said...

Amber and Shawn - I am sooooo happy for you guys. I always wanted twins of my own, but it wasn't God's plan for me. My girls will have that chance as Chris' mom is a twin. Love you tonage...

stephanie said...

ahhhhhh!!! twins?! that is amazing. congrats to you guys!!! you look adorbs by the way!

Cheryl B. said...

You are beautiful and glow with amazing joy! Your heart shines brightly as you share your excitement, your love for these little men and for our amazing Father in heaven who has poured His blessings upon you and Shawn. We couldn't be happier for you and can't wait for this new season of life. Much love for all four of you! Cheryl

Nicole said...

Miss AmberDawn,
I can think of no one better to have twins and boys at that! Children love you and it's obvious how you love them too. These boys are so very lucky to have such wonderful and wonderfully in love parents that they do!
Love you,
Nicole :)

Tressa said...

Amber, so excited for you guys!!! You guys will be such fun loving parents!! They can come visit me , and I will teach them marbles for Shawn! LoL

Harmonie said...

You are seriously glowing my dear friend! I got goosebumps reading this and also had a smile on my face! I am so, so happy and excited for you! xoxo

jenny said...

That is amazing! Congratulations! My sister has twin boys and they are the most perfect little rascals. You will love it!