Monday, December 5, 2011

New Body, New Self, New Thoughts on Image

Last night while soaking in some suds and dreaming about Baby E, I looked down at my body and felt a whole new admiration for it. 
My body has a grand purpose! Who cares about size or color or 'flaw'... This vessel is creating life. 
"It is beautiful!!"
I see my body in such a different way than I did before. I appreciate it, like it, am thinking that it's actually pretty cool. All my freckles stand out to me more, I like the ones that paint my tummy with their little faces. Getting dressed is fun at this point. My body is at a happy place and I'm so thankful to have clothes that flatter this new shape! Boots and black wedges, tights, skirts, fitted tops and scarves You make me smile, I think we work well together!

This morning I have abandoned my home, and the dishwasher that needs to be emptied, to run away to Insomnia {it is such a pleasant coffee shop, with pleasant baristas and owners}. 
Here I intend to sit for a couple of hours. I plan on spending these moments writing, reading, discovering music, saying hello to a few of you via comments on your lovely blogs and hanging out with my Seester. 
Glorious hours ahead of me... let us dance!
Happy Wife


Unknown said...

I needed to hear this :) I cried last night as I showered and was frustrated about my post baby body! silly I know given she is only 7 weeks old... Andy told me I was beautiful and then watched the girls so I could go to the gym for the first time since poppy was born! I felt better just getting that energy out! thanks for reminding me that our bodies are amazing!!! I totally agree! love you!

Sahara Shrestha said...

have a happy time :)

jenny said...

It is beautiful! I loved reading this!

Fash Boulevard said...

omg. that scarf is stunning. super glad i found your blog. totally following. you are fabulous. I'd love if you'd check mine out. it's all about the adventures of a southern girl taking on the fashion world in LA. xo