Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Don't have too much time here but wanted to throw these up before I forget and think I've already done it!
Our tree... perfectly wrapped in red ribbon and twinkling lights.

A few of the decorations upon it's limbs...

Secretly I wish that I could keep my tree up all year long...
I knew a lady once whose house was filled with pretty trees covered in ornaments 365 days a year.
Some people thought it strange... but I admired their beauty, and this woman's bravery!

K, off to bed. 
The party last night was so much fun!
There was a magician and such lovely company!
Ugly Christmas sweater party tomorrow night with the Youth Group. 
OH! Also went shopping today with a gift card that I was given and ended up scoring such sweet deals!
Okay, really though, I need to go... The Hubby is summoning me with his silence ;)
Happy Wife

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stephanie said...

childhood ornaments are my favorite! hand me downs too. i love all the ornaments my mom has passed on to me. your tree looks beautiful! xo

echo said...

see you at the ugly sweater party :) LOVE YOU! wish we could have talked more last night without a almost 3 year old between us! ha! :) 2 more days....

Happy Wife said...

Thanks Stephanie! My Mama gave us all our old ornaments last year! and Echo, I can't wait to see you again tonight! 2 more days and Baby E will officially have a name :)