Tuesday, December 6, 2011

One more thing to share today!

This song makes me laugh and cry all at the same time!

Just felt my little baby really kick for the first time listening to this!!!
I can tell Baby E has been moving around a bit, but gosh that was a big move!! Probably dancing like there's no tomorrow in there!
So glad my child has good taste in music :)


Tamara Nicole said...

Aww you felt her kick for the first time, how exciting!!!!

heyyy I'm assigning for the holiday card swap! Go ahead and send me your mailing addy to, super excited!!!

Fly Me to the Moon said...

AWWW baby kick! how sweet! Someone talk my Hubby into the babyness!

echo said...

um I don't want to find out you felt baby move via blog! come on friend :) text me at least!

YEAH none-the-less!!!

love you ;)

susanne evangelista said...

Oh, the feeling of baby moving! My babe moved for a solid hour last night during Bible study. I could hardly focus... It's just too fun. Also, I like this song & you had posted Gregory Alan I. earlier--one of my very favorites!

Happy Wife said...

Every little move is so magical! So looking forward to meeting my little angel!