Thursday, December 1, 2011

There is Joy in the small things too.

When all else fails, curl your hair.
My hair needs volume these days. 
It makes me happy. And completes whatever look I'm going for.
Flat hair just wont cut it.
Thinking I still need bangs...
"Dani, I need your help!"

Thinking back on this hair...

and this hair...

Yep, I need a bit of fringe for this face.

It was good to cry the other day. Good to let out the storm inside. It has passed, and I am now thinking happier thoughts. 
Off to Starbucks in a minute... Just me and myself. We shall enjoy a lovely date with our thoughts, and ponder the wonders of life and living.
What am I still doing here at home? I've been waiting for this little outing all day! Now that I am finally satisfied with my hair, it's time to make like a tree and leave.
Peace out friends!


Kelly said...

You are so gorgeous! Love your hair too:)

Happy Wife said...

Thanks Kelly!