Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wifey Duties... Cooking, Cleaning, Organizing.

{Yesterday} Started out my day feeling a bit blah... Spent my morning in prayer, talked to my Mama and thought long and hard about what it is that the Lord is calling me into during this season of life.
As much as there are wonderful things in my world, there are also, at times, difficult things as well.
Took a nap around 4 and by 5:30 I was refreshed and ready to go!
The Hubs was working till 6:30, then going out to borrow a friends truck and pick up our new bed frame! While he was busy being so wonderful for me {we didn't have a frame before, and getting off the mattress at floor level was beginning to get difficult!}, I thought I would do all of the wifey duties that I could ;)

Taco night...

Sometimes my brain doesn't work so well, and I forget to buy things like tomatoes ...
and chicken...
and milk... 
{can't forget! I must do that today!}

I vacuumed

Ran the dishwasher


Prayed for my babies.
Bought the little blue handmade heart ornament the day we found out we were having twin boys!

Worked on writing up a bit more about our eventful year.
No Christmas card from us this season... we're doing a year in review kinda newsletter

Much needed time in the Word

2 clocks telling me that it's getting late and I'm missing my Love

Washed a few dishes

Drank water

Ate oranges

Organized my girly, artsy, crafty stuff

Sang my heart out!

then Hubby brought the bed home!

We ate some yummy tacos while watching an old episode of the Office, and then the Hubs got to work putting together our new bed frame. {Manly man wouldn't let prego me help-normally I would.}
It didn't take too long to put it together, but there were a few pieces missing. So pictures of the bed are on hold.

Finishing up some things around the house today... Going out to dinner with a friend tonight... and Mama's coming in to town tomorrow!!!! 
Thinking I'll probably go spend some quality alone time down town at a coffee shop before meeting up with Loni... Just me and GOD. {okay, so it's not really alone time then...}
Talk to you lovelies later!
Happy Wife
ps. Today is going much better than yesterday, in case you were wondering. My spirits are lifted and I am grateful for the Lords perspective! 


Loud Mouthed Mommy said...

You're a note taker too I see! Looks very well read. And you look amazing, by the way. You can see the baby glow even in pictues!

Anonymous said...

Mmm, Tacos! those sound yummy right now. (mexican seems like the go-to while being pregnant for me)
What and accomplished day you had!

brittany said...

prayer, tacos, vacuuming and the office... those always help me, for sure! glad today is better :)

Jamie said...

Sounds like a great day :)

Fly Me to the Moon said...

Aw I miss your daily updates. Hope you had a wonderful holiday and things are going well!

Fly Me to the Moon said...

awww I miss your blog post! hope you come back soon :)

Single life 2 married wife said...

was looking for a blog on wifely duties and yours popped up! loves the pictures!!