Friday, December 16, 2011

With a Humble and Glad Heart

Happy Friday family, friends, and fellow bloggers.
This morning I did my best to get up, curl my hair, put on a relatively cute outfit and face the day with as much gumption as possible.
Now, at 2:50 pm, I am curled up in my bed and trying to sleep...
{blogging probably doesn't help}

Youth Group was a lot of fun last night. Ended up finding some form of energy and had a fabulous time with my small group girls! They're such wonderfully sweet creations!
When I finally got home around 10 though, I was wiped, absolutely pooped... plum tuckered out!
Watched The Office in bed with my Hubby while I drifted off to sleep and caught a good amount of zzzzz's before I woke up at 4:15am.
One of these little men of mine was having the time of his life while the other probably slept like an angel. Surprisingly I wan't upset at all to be awake... I lay in the dark, smile spread wide across my face as I felt this new friend of mine make the most of the small space that he now calls his own. While he played, I decorated the boy's room {in my mind of course}, thought about how much I love my amazing Husband, prayed for a healthy family and wondered what to do for date night {which is tonight!}... 2 hours went by before I fell back to sleep. And I think those 2 hours are now catching up with me. 
"Boys, I love you, and you are well worth the lack of sleep... I have a feeling you'll be requiring MUCH more of my time come April!"
Love your Mama, who wants to give to you all that you need with a humble and glad heart.

I really should try to sleep before my date.
Don't want to be anything less than fun for the Hubs!
Maybe I should try counting sheep...
Happy Wife


Felicity said...

Hey hun, great news! You've won the My Memories Suite Scrapbook Software Giveaway! :D

I just need you to send me an email to so that we can get the ball rolling. ;)

- Felicity. x

Danya said...

Oh my goodness! Twins! I'm a little behind, I realize, but congratulations - how exciting! I will certainly be praying for you and the adventure ahead.

Amy @ dwell in the season said...

My husband and I have been watching The Office in bed these last few months too! Last night as I was falling asleep my little guy was quite the mover too! It's such fun to feel them wiggle and move around. Thankfully he fell asleep soon after :)