Thursday, December 15, 2011


Thinking about buying this for Hunter and Emerson's room.

I'm really tired today...
My 'baby bump' is growing quickly!!
and I'm doing my best to eat eat eat for the 3 of us!
Meats, veggies, fruits and whole grains.

I did an About Me section for my blog this morning, 
picked up my iphone from the Hubs at his work, 
{he's so sweet! bought it for me with out my knowing... Surprise!}
and did a teeny bit of Christmas shopping with my brother.

Tried to nap.
Played with my phone...
Listening to Rosie Thomas now.
And doing my best to wake up before Youth Group tonight.
Seriously feel like a Zombie.
"Somebody, come revive me and take me to church..."

Not really sure what else to say at this point.
Better luck next time/tomorrow.

Happy & Tired Wife


deertale said...

I love the art work, and I'm so glad you put an about me up. So cute I loved reading it!

Claire said...

loved your about me, cute wedding pic!