Monday, January 9, 2012

Get Lucky

Dearest Friend,

I'm back!!! Back from a busy holiday season, but a lovely one!
It's been almost 3 weeks since I've last written, but it feels like a lot longer.
Mom stayed with us for 5 nights, we spent Christmas morning with my family and the New Year with the Hubs family. 
Our little boys Hunter and Emerson are doing well.
Moving around far more than they were before and one of my favorite things is to watch my tummy twitch and shift while they do their little fancy summersaults in there.

6 months
My dear friend Dani gave me bangs!! 
Ahh {happy sigh of satisfaction}... glad to have a little fringe for my face now.

Today is our 2 year wedding anniversary!
We like eachother :)
And we like to have a good time...
So basically, we're enjoying ourselves on this journey of marriage.
Though we're not doing anything super 'anniversary-ish' tonight, we will in a couple weekends. 
Hubby's makin his 'get lucky' flank steak. YUM!
And I'm sure we'll put some tasty potatoes and veggies next to it. Can't wait for dinner!
{ps. we went to a friends house on Saturday night, and would you believe I ate 2 whole baked potatoes, chicken, broccoli, salad and key lime pie!? that's the most I've ever eaten at once! I'm just shocked cause there really isn't much stomach room in my tummy these days}

Currently feelin' these babies make the most of their womb... 
thinking I need to take down our Christmas tree... Yes it's still up, and in a bit I'll take my daily nap. lol... being pregnant is odd. Once upon a time ago you would never see me napping, sitting around carefully and taking it easy. This girl likes to play!! But, I am responsible to take care of my boys, so I'll do whatever I can to make sure that they're safe. Original due date is April 27th, but we'll see what happens. Let's pray that they get to grow in this happy home of theirs for as long as possible! okay, maybe not well beyond the 27th though!

Alrighty, I'm gettin up to make me some tea,
 Missed you all terribly and I'm super glad to be back.
Happy Wife


Fly Me to the Moon said...

YES!!!!!!! and your hair looks divine!!!and we can definitely be real friends, like blogger pen pals!

Nicole said...

LOVE your hair!! You do bangs so well. Your belly is so so cute! I love it. And P.S. our tree is still up too... ;)

echo said...

you grow every time I see you! I LOVE IT! Those boys look good on you :) LOVE you friend. lets play soon.

stephanie said...

my tree is still up too! hehe. and you look amazing! love your belly! xo

brittany said...

awww, i can't believe you have two in there! you look great, girly!

happy 2nd anniversary :)

and our tree is still up, too!!