Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Prego Wife

I figure if I'm gonna use this blog as a personal journal, it'd be good to write out how this pregnancy has been so far.
One thing is certain, I MISS LAYING ON MY TUMMY!
typing on my side while laying in bed isn't so easy. 
You might tell me to "sit up", but I don't want to... I want to lay here, cozy in my dark room, as the sun sets so early these days, and enjoy pretty music while blogging. Sitting would change the mood- and I like where it's at right now. 

Really though, this pregnancy had been relatively great for me!
Crazy to think that even though my belly is rather large, I do forget at times, that I'm carrying two baby boys.
Between weeks 4-5 {when I found out that I was expecting} and week 10 I was nauseous and dealt with morning sickness as most women do, but honestly, it wasn't so bad. Throwing up 3 times a week doesn't seem as horrible as 3 times a day! 5-6 weeks of feeling slightly icky out of 25 weeks isn't something to complain about in my opinion. 
I'm praising God constantly for how wonderful I've felt though all of this!

K, I'll share the tuff stuff, and then everything I'm enjoying...
Remember, I'm growing 2 inside this 5'2 short torso'd body of mine... the little room I had for 1, is being shared by 2! But somehow, it's working out just fine!

*Bending over... has been difficult for a while already. Tying shoes, putting on tights, picking things up! I grunt most every time... lol.
*Sleeping on my side was tough at first. Occasionally my hips will put up a fight and get crampy.
*Getting dressed is kinda funny. Since I've 'grown' so quickly, outfits I thought would last a while, have now become uncomfortable. 
*Emotions, and communication... it's a whole new world of me. As I learn how to embrace this season, and prepare for the next, it also means that things shift for the Hubs and I. We have different ways of seeing life, different ways of dealing with life, and different ways of talking about life. So with this massive change in life, we butt{is it 'but'?} heads at times.
{Gosh! my brother is grilling me on the fact that BUTT is NOT a word! Butt as in your bottom is not a word!! but butt as in what goats do, is a word! OY! "it doesn't exist!" Love my lil brother! Ha! Now my Hubs and Andrew are arguing about it, ever so kindly of course! Butt rock is okay, the butt of a cigarette is okay but your 'butt' is not proper... hmm}
*Exhaustion... There are days when sleep wants to reign. And trust me, there's no fighting it! Whatever was on the schedule will be pushed out a couple hours, or even to the next day.

Figured since I'm sharing the good times, I'd turn the writing 'mood' to pink. {ah how I love this rosy color}
*I have energy! Most days I'm up by 9 and ready to face the day with an abundance of gumption!
*No cravings and no aversions to food!
*Keeping healthy, eating what's good for my bod and the babies! 
*A-okay...Every appointment, the midwives and doctors tell me how well the boys and I are doing, and  really, my heart skips a beat each time I hear those words. 
*Emerson and Hunter are super safe and incredibly cozy in their snug little homes!
*My Love and I are growing closer, despite the differences. I guess I should say that because of those differences, we are learning each other and falling more in love with each other as we get to know what makes the other one tick. AND as we humble ourselves and learn to listen to and trust the other one. It's all so magical! We are having fun, and embracing this adventure with arms wide open. {great! now that song, you know the one I'm talking about, is playing in my head! thank you Creed!}
*Sleep has been good. I don't mind waking up to go to the bathroom. Once my head hits the pillow, I'm back to a wonderful deep sleep... I've actually memorized how many steps it takes to walk to the toilet, turn around and sit upon my porcelain throne in the darkness of the night! ha! And really, I'm not that uncomfortable sleeping. Note- I do sleep on top of our comforter though, with a thinner blanket. My poor Hubs misses cuddling with me under our covers, but sleeping this way has been perfect for me!! Not too hot and not too much fabric to deal with while I do my tossing and turning.
*Normal bodily functions... there, I said it! My body is staying pretty um, regular, and there aren't very many exciting 'changes'. 
*I like my curves! this big ol' prego belly and I are friends at this point.

There are probably more things I could add to either list, but my brain has decided to shut off. No matter what, the good is by far out weighing the bad, and I am proud to say that this pregnancy has been fantastic thus far! Really though I am more so BLESSED and GRATEFUL than proud. The 3 of us are in Perfect Hands!

I almost forgot to tell you!!
The other night I had a dream that Zoey Deschanel and I were best friends!
ya, it was pretty cool!

And there you have it... a small little blurb into the life of the 'expecting' me.

Oh, oh! And... I bought the boys a few shirts today!
 Cause StarWars will forever be an epic adventure!

Hunter and Emerson are dancin' up a storm right now!
I'm hungry, and maybe they are too... 
The Hubs is out picking up Thai food for us all and when he gets home we're gonna watch Storage Wars. 
{we are addicted! Thank you Netflix!}

 He's home!
Happy Prego Wife with a Happy Prego Life


21SaraLoves said...

Luckily all the bad parts of the pregnancy will be so worth it when Hunter and Emerson enter the world. You are going to be a great mother!

Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

Awwww!! I loved this post. Makes me feel all sentimental inside :).. and kind of like I wish I was pregnant again. Uh oh.. :) haha.
Your boys are so so so blessed to have you as their mama! Enjoy your food and Netflix :)

Andrea xoxo

Loud Mouthed Mommy said...

Try a pillow under your tummy and one between your legs for sleeping on your side. It was an adjustment for me too and I found that really helped. I even put one behind me. Poor hubbys don't get any space in the bed with a pregnant wife. Love this post! Congrats again :)

AmberDawn said...

For sure Sara, any negative is and will be far out weighed by the joy of having these boys in my arms!
Thanks for your kind words Andrea and oddly enough Mrs. LMM, all the pillows actually cramp my sleeping style even more... But thanks for the advice! ;)

deertale said...

I love hearing anout you and those boys, you're going to be such a sweet little momma! Have a lovely weekend amber! Xoxo

jessica said...

This is such a sweet post! This is my first time on your blog, so CONGRATULATIONS! Two little babes! Amazing!