Thursday, January 26, 2012

I pray that they would love life.

We lay there, in the quiet of the room, our hearts beating so intimately together and our lives connected in a way that is magical beyond belief.
Emerson, Hunter and I are getting to know each other well. 
Since 6 this morning, we've been awake. While their loving Father and my caring Hubby slept at our side, we were moving, tossing and turning and trying to get comfortable. Them in their womb, and I in my bed.

Thoughts about the journey before us flooded my mind.
I can't wait to adventure together through forests and fields. 
Over mountains and hills, drawing closer to the sun and sky.
And with the waves of the ocean lapping at our feet, and the kiss of wind upon our faces, we will smile at the uncertainty of Gods incredible creation. 

Simple things, like kicking a soccer ball, swinging high and running fast. Falling upon the blades of grass, out of breath and laughing with one another. 
I pray that my boys would LOVE life. 
That they would explore their minds and find great joy in the work of their hands.
I pray that I would show them the perfect amount of patients and discipline.

Found this card the other day at the bottom of one of my purses, and written on the inside were words of encouragement and love...
I remember writing them.
I remember feeling sad and frustrated.
and in need of comfort.
I remember pulling this card out my little letter box, picking up a pen, and beginning,
"Dearest Amber..."
I wrote a letter to myself, yes. But it wasn't just my heart behind those words, it was the Lords as well.
I pleaded, "Speak to me oh Heavenly Father!"
I read it again later that day, and the next, and over time, I clung to the words that God had given me.

Reading it again now, in a different time and place, brought a smile to my face.
He has always been so very good to me!
Growing close to God is the GREATEST, by far the MOST AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, and MAGICAL adventure of all!! How wonderful is it that we get eternity with Him!?

Ha! Babies are pushing on the inside and belly's going all funky on the outside :)
I'm sitting here at Insomnia and thinking it's time to pull out a book and read for a while. 
Love you all and hope you're doing well!!


Ashley Marie said...

This makes my heart so happy! Reminds me of times in our lives where we were doing those things together :) Love you sister!

Fly me to the moon said...

With parents like you guys, how could they not :)

Leah said...

Twins wow! That is so amazing! I haven't been able to look at your blog in awhile and just now found out your having twins! Congratulations! Our daughter just turned one and I can tell you that being a mom is the most amazing gift in the world! Whens your due date?