Monday, January 30, 2012

Rainy Day Drive

Our drive home yesterday after visiting Grandma was pleasant even though it rained the entire 3 hour trip.

We stopped at an Antique mall,
got coffee,
talked to a couple sweet ladies about the fact that "there are actually two babies in here",
listened to Future of Forestry,
and sat in silence... just being near one another.

I tried to sleep, but with no luck,
played a bit of Hanging with Friends,
{anyone wanna play me?! my name is amberdawnk}
and got all giddy about the international film festival that will be here before I know it!! 

Today will be filled with doing things around the house... preparing for babies, 
{how cool is it that I get to say babies-plural?!} 
and spending time with my dear friend Dani... I think we're gonna sushi it up! but of course, I'll eat only what is allowed!

Welcome week 28!
Welcome 3rd trimester.
You have already begun to show me how different you are from the 2nd!

There's no stopping this growing!
{so glad my belly button is still an 'inny' though!!}

K, off to move my books from the bedroom to the living room.
Those lovelies need to be displayed for the world to see, not just me.
Happy Monday! 
it is Monday right ;)
Amber Dawn

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deertale said...

The more posts I read of yours, the more i assume we need to be real life friends! Cant believe your in the third trimester!congrats momma!