Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So long January! See you next year!

Busy me...
No fancying this face up with make up today,
but lots of fancying up the house with cleaning and organizing.

My brother Andrew is moving out.
Sad to see him go, but with his leaving, we'll soon be welcoming in two little boys!
Ever since I was 18, Andrew and I have talked about living together... Funny that it happened almost 10 years later and when I was married! 
The last 5 months have been great having him around, and I'm sure he'll be over often for dinner, movie and games.

The Hubs should be home from work soon.
Thought about making up a yummy dinner... but... I've changed my mind.
Pizza it is. Hawaiian with a little Sierra Mist and Cheese Sticks. So healthy right ;)
With all the 'chores' done around the house, I foresee the evening spent watching The Office and chillin on the couch with our feet up and bubbly {just a little soda for me} in hand.

Cheers to you friends!
Can you believe we've already raced through January?!
Happy Wife


deertale said...

We almost ordered pizza tonight too, but joey took the high road and made soup. silly boy. Yay for January being over!
ps: im totally excited we're pen pals now!

echo said...

another month past = another month closer to E&H!! auntie cannot wait :)