Monday, January 23, 2012

Something New

So, for the past couple weeks now I've been babysitting on Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings for a couple hours. Two little boys, 5 and 3, are becoming little lights of joy in my week. Today we colored and I showed the older one how to trace. Thought he did a great job!

This week is busy. Babysitting in the mornings, meeting with different girls each evening from youth group and doing some much needed grocery shopping. 

Echo and I had a lovely time together last night. I held her sweet baby girl Poppy and sang with her Alomae {can't believe she's almost 3!} 
hope you don't mind my stealing this Echo!
Aren't they precious!? 

k... Got some things I need to take care of.
Let's chat again soon :)

 I'll leave you with a song from David Ramirez-
I will always post new videos of him! He is a friend and a man with an incredible soul, one of my favorite musicians and it's been so wonderful to watch his music evolve over time. 

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