Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tiny Hands and Tender Kisses

Been sitting here quietly for a couple minutes now, listening to one of the prettiest songs 
ever composed {to Build a Home} and praising God for this peaceful morning...
Either Emerson or Hunter, or both have been 'playing' non stop since about 8am.
Top to bottom, side to side, I'm getting feelings of kicks and head butts or somersaults and rolls.
They're taking over!

I can't wait till they're here. To see their little faces and kiss them ever so tenderly. 
I wonder what it's like to have your very own child wrap their tiny hand around your finger, and to know  that they are a part of you... Also, having two at once will be such an adventure! Who will look like who? Mom or Dad? A mix of both? Will they look like each other?
I love them already. My arms long to hold them, to rock them, to carry them through thick and thin, and to entrust them into the Lords perfect care {which is already taking place... for these precious gifts are from above and He alone is their Creator...}

Appointment with a potential OB in an hour, and I'm hoping that this woman is a what I've been praying for. 
Went to eat my protein/iron packed cereal for breakfast and didn't have any milk... but I did have chocolate milk! Yum!
The Hubs and I exchanged cards and words of love late last night as it was our anniversary. He bought me flowers, sweet man, and we watched of course, the Office together while eating dinner.
Raise your hand if you hate medical bills?! In the process of switching insurance with the Hubbies firm and thinking this new one will cover my butt a little better!
K, off to my appointment.
-peace out-

Anyone struggling with depression should watch the video below. and then read, My Name is Hope.
Written by the Pastor of our church.
He is a brilliant and godly man, beautifully humbled and wonderfully gifted.


Claire said...

aww lovely post, i can't wait to meet them :)

Andrea said...

I just love this :)

You are beautiful, inside and out.


Andrea xoxo

echo said...

auntie echo cannot wait to snuggle you hunter & emerson!

So Truly Lovely said...

I can't believe you are carrying two!!!! I love your words to them already and I know they will men after God's heart. Crazy to think you will be raising little men!!! I pray that OB worked out great (I love mine!) and I can't wait to see these wee little jumping jack bundles! And I don't think Echo can either :)
xoxo, Anna