Monday, February 13, 2012

30 Weeks

Dreamt about my little angels last night.
Gosh their faces were so flipping cute!!
I can't wait to hold them.... ah! So exciting!!!
"Hunter and Emerson, we will meet face to face soon! I love you, adore you and will cherish you till the day that I die... and even beyond that!"

Belly and me are getting pretty well acquainted. 
I'm not so shocked when I wake up each morning to it being bigger.
And though only a few tops fit over the wonderfully round bump that it is, I'm learning to just deal.
10 weeks left till we hit that magical 40 week mark.
{I try not to look at it like 2 1/2 months!}
They'll fly, just like the past months have, I'm sure.

Oh the cool things that this belly can do... like...
... um... trying to think about it, I can only come up with hindrances. 
*for example, not being able to bend {praise Jesus for the power of a squat!},
*or not being able to lay on my tummy,
*or roll over easily in bed {grunting always helps},
*washing dishes at the sink!! little arms that are mine do not reach the sink so well when a belly keeps me at an even further distance! {my Hubby is A-mazing and does the dishes always now!}

I am proud/grateful for the fact that I can still shave my legs!
Also that I haven't had to be stuck in bed.
I still have a decent amount of energy and though there are 2 whole babies growing inside of me, my body seems to be handling it just fine! Whoopie!!!

Oh Oh, before I go I have to tell you that I got a blog award today!
Thank you Jessica from Happy Girls are The Prettiest Girls for nominating me for this:

apparently liebster means 'beloved, dearest, or favorite' in German.
How fun! and such an honor to receive.
So now what I get to do, is nominate 3 people to pass the award on to.
I've selected each of these friends for different reasons and I hope that you check them out.
I think they're pretty cool.

1. Sara over at deertale
2. Alexandra from Alexandra's Joy
3. Sarah at Girl Crush

to follow the 'rules of the award, you must 
*link back to the blogger who nominated you
*copy and paste the award to your blog
*nominate 3 blogs {each with less than 200 followers} that you'd like to award.

All you girls who I've 'nominated'... please don't feel pressured to do this :)
you don't need to link back to me, or post the award to your blog if you'd prefer not to.

k I think that's everything.
Hope you're all having a wonderful Monday!
Amber Dawn


deertale said...

You're da best!

Sarah said...

Love this! Thank you :) I will post this week! Too cute <3

Alexandra Joy said...

Wow, thanks so much for the sweet nomination! You are too thoughtful. I will definitely participate in this fun!

So great that you caught up with Cody. Oh how the years go by...

Happy Valentine's day! xoxo