Thursday, February 16, 2012

Emotional and Happy Wife

Shawn and I are watching Survivor from last night. 
I love these moments with him. For the last couple years it's been one of our favorite shows to watch together. 

As much as I'm happy to be sitting here, today has been kinda tough.
Hunter and Emerson have been moving all day long!! And when they do that, it wears me out. 
Yesterday I deep cleaned our guest/boys bathroom, did laundry and then a bit more organizing and cleaning.
Today on the other hand, I've laid around, watched a little tv, took a bath, talked to my sister on the phone, did next weeks meal plan, and got up to cook dinner.... This being the first thing on my feet! and I was plum tuckered out! Still, I emptied the dishwasher and put a few more things away that were out. My Love came home as my back was getting super tired, and I cried! 
I'm so not used to this. I feel lazy, unproductive and weak. 3 Things I DON'T want to be.
But... I know that this is different. I'm pregnant, with twins!

I'm not too discouraged, not really at all. Just had an emotional moment, and thought I'd share.

"Hunter and Emerson, you are worth all of this! The laying around and grunting when I bend to reach things, and the weight gain, and every other new thing that has entered this season of life for me. I take it on gladly, because with each of these things, comes you! You will be here soon! And I'd do this pregnancy a thousand times over to bring you into this world! I love you."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, as you know -I'm right there with ya!! It's such a blessing though, knowing that the lord is preparing us to take care of a little baby (or babies) with the adventures of pregnancy. With each tired moment, and struggle bending over, a moment of exhaustion just remember that soon we will get to do that (with some practice under our belt) and adorable heart stealing babies to adore and love- which will make it so much more worth this all!!

deertale said...

aww only a couple more months and you will completely forget how uncomfortable and silly you felt, you will be immersed in joy and happiness. and then you'll probably want to do it again :)Heck I have days like that and I'm not even with child, let alone two! Those boys will thank you for the lazy days and letting them cook in there. xoxo

Jessica said...

Lazy, unproductive and weak are 3 words that describe how I feel lately too. I have to remember I'm pregnant and ITS OK. If I'm ever going to have a time to just relax and lay around, now is the time to do it. I feel like people don't understand that I literally get exhausted just bending over...I guess if they don't get it, they can get over it! It will all be worth it!!