Wednesday, February 8, 2012

favorite boys

I was going through old pictures on my laptop and found these...
Jack and I used to have so much fun being silly together.
He and his brothers {whom I've written about before} fill up so much of my happy memory box!
Years spent loving and being loved, the place that they hold in my heart is dedicated to them alone.

Hands down, my favorite boys in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!
{not counting my own of course}

Ben and his clever creativity,
William and his incredible skills at remembering facts and details,
and Jack with all his wit and spunk.
These boys are good at just about everything!!

And check out those smiles... So flipping fantastic!!

"Love you friends. Thanks for teaching me about the wonderful world of little boys. I can't wait for Emerson and Hunter to meet you!"


Kelly said...

Sweet faces!! little kids are so cute!

echo said...

love how different they all look!

deertale said...

thats going to be your boys soon :) :)

21SaraLoves said...

They are so precious!