Thursday, February 9, 2012


I'm so thankful for the friends in my life! Those near and far!
You make my world go round!

On two different occasions, my dear friend Dani has come over while I was in 'the tub'. 
Rather than getting out in a hurry, I've thrown a hand towel over myself, and we've hung out in the bathroom together for a while. {this girl is like a sister to me!} She'll pull up a seat on the toilet and talk to me about her Haiti adventures, or she'll use my flat iron and do her hair while I continue to soak this belly of mine. 

Once upon a time ago the two of use used to live together, actually, we've lived together a few times.
But the first time was just the two of us. Well, us and our cats that is. We used to read stories to one another using accents of all sorts, and throw parties, build forts, play Super Mario and walk to church together in the mornings and sip coffee on our porch while watching the sun set.
She is my Hamily!
~Short for Happy Family~
and I love her!

Today will be filled with cleaning, cooking and a maybe a little bit of crafting.
Crockpot and I have a date...
"Dust, I will destroy you!"
and "Sara, hopefully you'll get your letter any day, and a tiny package of love next week!"

Now to throw a bunch of stuff in the crock pot!
Happy Wife


Anonymous said...

Love Dani. And you.

deertale said...

heee! I've been trying to write you back for like a week, but I keep asking so many questions that sound silly and rewriting! Tonight my goal is to write it all out and hope its legible :)

I love that you your girly friend sits in the bathroom together, sounds just like me and all my best friends, excpet mine all live in different states now. Lucky you!