Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I hope you become...

I'm sitting here...
And spending much time in thought and prayer.

Had a lovely Baby Shower on Sunday, with a small group of close girl friends,
and it was so nice to be surrounded by such sweet women.
Thank you Echo & Loni, from the bottom of my heart, for throwing that party.
Part of what the ladies did while we sat around together, was to fill out their wishes for the babies.
Echo had each line started... and I'll share with you a few of my favorite answers.
I hope you learn- to LOVE, it can change the world
I hope you love- adventures
I hope you get- to travel the world
I hope you laugh- in the face of opposition
I hope you never forget- to give your Mama kisses as you leave
I hope you ignore- people who want to bring you down
I hope you become- a defender of justice & men worth following
I hope you respect- libraries, and go to them often
I hope you grow- taller than my daughters :)

I plan on taking each of the ladies hopes for the boys and putting them in their 'baby books'.
It was so heart warming to read my friends thoughts for Hunter and Emerson.

Speaking of Hunter and Emerson, they're 31 weeks along now!
My Mother in Law took me out shopping this morning for a few things that the boys will need, and we had fun chatting about how they'll be here before we know it, and laughed at my crooked belly... both boys were hanging out on my left side, leaving the right completely empty!
More cramming to come!

Random things that I thought would be fun to record and read later in life.
*Shawn makes me cry. For very good reasons! He is the best stinking husband EVER!!! And takes care of me so so so well. I love you babe!
*I went to take a bath two days ago {I take at least one a day} and went to get out some body wash from under the counter. Found a bag of makeup that I don't use on a regular basis, put red lipstick on, and took a bath. Yesterday I put a pretty nude color on from the bag before my bath and today it was a glossy pink.
Not exactly sure why I'm doing this... 
*Was awake at 4:30 this morning. The boys were moving a bunch, so I played Hanging With Friends and waited for them to settle. Finally fell back to sleep around 7. Praise God for iPhones!
*Our vacuum broke! My dear friend Michele came over this morning with her vacuum and was kind enough to vacuum our apartment for us. Love my friends! 
*As much as my Love makes me cry... he always makes me laugh!! The other night while we were laying in bed, I was on the phone with a friend and laying on my left side not facing him. He was eating ice-cream and watching TopGear. When I got off the phone, he asked, 'do you want this last little bit?' and when I rolled over to see how much he'd left me, he was pointing at a teeny dot of ice-cream that had dropped onto his chest. Oh I adore him!!
*Had a dream last night that while my hand was on my side/belly, one of the babies reached out it's skinny fingers and grabbed onto mine with a death grip and wouldn't let go. Honestly, it was a little creepy!
*The boys room is coming along slowly but surely and I can't wait till it's done! Bought paint last weekend, and it should be painted this coming weekend.
*I don't know how to drink orange juice like a normal person... I only know how to chug it.

Okay, my body is well rested. Time to stand upon my feet and get to dinner! Teriyaki chicken with rice and broccoli it is!


Ashley Marie said...

Oh I just love this Amber! I wish I could have been at your shower! I wish I could see your face! I love you and miss you tons!
Your little seester,

Maranda said...

haha!! The ice cream thing made me laugh so hard, I had to tell Kyle.

AmberDawn said...

Ashley! I love you!! You were in my heart at the shower :) I was thinking about you the whole time and wishing you were there! Come home to me and my babies for the summer!

Maranda! It made me laugh, reading that it made you laugh :) Boys are so funny sometimes!

Jessica said...

Seems like a perfectly good idea to me to put on pretty lipstick before a bath!!

21SaraLoves said...

Your shower sounds great! I hope you show us pictures of the boys room when its painted!