Saturday, February 4, 2012

Immediately Near

Little AmberDawn, happy as a clam!

I've always loved to color...
Even now I still find it fun to do.
Sometimes I'll go to a coffee shop with a friend or my brother, and we'll sit for hours just coloring together.
If any of you need to de-stress and want a fun way of doing so,
go to Target, buy a box of crayons {the bigger the better} and get yourself a coloring book.
A wonderful time of relaxation and enjoyment are before you, I promise!

Hmm... what other things do I go to to de-stress?
My bathtub.
The outdoors, breathing in fresh air, no matter the weather.
Echo, Michele, Dani, Loni, Mama, Seester.
"God is so immediately near and so immensely strong that I get more and more joyous in my confidence in Him and less and less careful of how I feel."
~George MacDonald~

Not everyday of my life has been a happy one... 
But because of all the sad and difficult times, my happy ones are all the more amazing!!

The Hubs and I are not wealthy {by American standards},
We argue, and don't always see eye to eye,
We have wants/needs that don't always get fulfilled,
and sometimes we face situations that call for a strong faith despite the lack of control.
But we press on, with the perspective that truly, we are blessed!
And truly we are in good hands.

Happy Hour at Henry's is calling my name...
Spending time with my friend Cody has been fun!
{he and I went to Bible school together 7 years ago in Texas and haven't seen each other since}
He and his friend Dan are down-town right now, but the Hubs and I are about to go out and meet up with them for a yummy treat of Gorgonzola Fries and maybe a burger. 
Had breakfast at 10:30-11 this morning, so lunch will be perfectly late.

Hunter and Emerson are doing jumping jacks or something right now!
Massive movement from my belly!
I think the oddest part is that I can't help it... it's not me moving my body... 
so very alien-like! but so very cool!

Peace Out Homies!
Happy Wife


Ashley Marie said...

You make me smile. I love how inspired you are in the day to day :) You're my favorite seester! Love you and hope you're having a blast with all your boys! Ha! ;) peace out homie!

21SaraLoves said...

I agree, I think colouring makes everyone feel better. I love reading your posts because of your optimistic attitude.